French-Australian Shared Histories

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2018 Symposium Papers



Prof Jean Fornasiero and Prof John West-Sooby
'Towards a new historiography: Re-reading the Archives of the Baudin expedition'  Download the PDF, 530KB

Ms Brigitte Schmauch
'French contribution to the discovery of Australia'  Download the PDF, 480KB


Prof Colin Nettelbeck
'Beyond the sheep's back: World War I and its aftermath in the development of an economic relationship between Australia and France'  Download the PDF, 576KB

Mr Henri Pinoteau
'France and Australia in the process of imperial globalisation (19th and 20th centuries): Franco-Australian trade relations as per the National Archives funds'  Download the PDF, 979KB

Mr Pierre Cornu
'France and Australia in the process of imperial globalisation: from asymmetrical roles to converging questionings – from the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century'  Download the PDF, 488KB

Mr Henri Massenet
'The history of Franco-Australian relations through the prism of the archives of economic and financial departments: Introduction of the Economic and Financial Archives Service (SAEF: Service des archives économiques et financières')  Download the PDF, 623KB


Anne-Marie Conde
'Discovering France in the National Archives of Australia'  Download the PDF, 2,336KB

Mr Gregoire Eldin (with Agnès Chablat-Beylot)
'Some sources of Australian history at the Diplomatic Archives'  Download the PDF, 388KB

Ms Isabelle Rouge-Ducos
'Australia and Picasso'  Download the PDF, 1,879KB


Ms Anita Planchon
'New Caledonia: a history shared but often overlooked 'au bout du monde'  Download the PDF, 538KB

Ms Sarah Mohamed-Gaillard
'France and Australia: from ignorance to shared interests?'  Download the PDF, 771KB

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