Information Management Standard

Well-managed business information is a valuable asset that contributes to good government through:

  • supporting efficient business
  • informing decision-making
  • demonstrating government accountability and transparency
  • assisting to mitigate risks
  • adding economic value; and
  • protecting rights and entitlements.

The Standard

The Information Management Standard assists Australian Government agencies to create and manage business information effectively by outlining:

  • principles for well-managed information within the Australian Government jurisdiction
  • the National Archives of Australia’s expectations for the management of business information to enable agencies to meet business, government and community needs and expectations.

The Standard is consistent with the key concepts and principles of Australian Standard AS ISO 15489.1 (2017) - on Records Management. and is part of a framework that includes implementation guidelines.


The Standard is based on the following eight Principles that provide the foundation for well-managed business information:

Principle 1: Business information is systematically governed

Principle 2: Necessary business information is created

Principle 3: Business information is adequately described

Principle 4: Business information is suitably stored and preserved

Principle 5: How long business information should be kept is known

Principle 6: Business information is accountably destroyed or transferred

Principle 7: Business information is saved in systems where it can be appropriately managed

Principle 8: Business information is available for use and reuse

The National Archives will review how agencies are performing against the Standard as part of its regular survey and evaluation of the Australian Government information management environment.


The implementation guidelines assist agencies to achieve the recommended actions for each of the Principles in the Standard. They provide some additional information on the action as well as links to more detailed supporting advice on the Archives' website.

The guidelines also contain selected references to related Digital Continuity 2020 Policy targets.

The following guidelines have been released:

The Archives will progressively release guidance for the remaining Principles over the next few months. Additional advice will be created by December 2017 to address any gaps. We welcome feedback on areas where further advice would be useful to agencies.

The Standard does not prescribe how agencies should meet the Principles, agencies can implement the actions to meet the needs of their unique business and information environments.

For further information about the Standard and implementation guidance contact the Agency Service Centre

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