Information management

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Information and records are important government assets. They support planning and service delivery. Good information and records will help reduce risks for your agency.

All information created, sent and received as part of your work for the Australian Government is a record. Managing and storing information and records in the right place means they will be protected and easily found.

In the long term, some of the records your agency creates will be retained as national archives and become part of Australia's documentary history.

Getting started

Find out what you should do and what you should know in your role as a government employee, consultant or contractor.

Digital Continuity 2020

Digital Continuity is an approach to creating and managing information. Find out how to manage the transition to digital information management in your agency.

Information governance

Information governance is how an organisation manages its information assets. Find out about strategies, legislation and standards that assist you with information management.

Records authorities

Records authorities allow specialised agency staff to decide which information and records must be kept, transferred to the Archives or destroyed. Find out what they are, what they do and how to use them.

Selecting Australian Government National Archives

Find out about the selection principles and associated considerations that underpin National Archives' decisions when selecting Australian Government information for the national archival collection.

Managing information

The Archives has practical advice to help you manage information and records. Find out about types of information and the policies, procedures and processes for managing them.

Support and professional development

For advice on managing information and records see the A-Z of information management or contact the Agency Service Centre (ASC).

Interoperability learning resource

The interoperability learning resource has been developed to help Australian Government agencies understand interoperability. Learn about the technology, hurdles and project planning that can assist when building interoperability into information, systems and processes.

The Information Management Standard

The Information Management Standard has been developed and issued to assist Australian Government agencies to create and manage business information effectively. Find out about the Standard, its Principles and implementation.

Information management and data capabilities

The information management and data capabilities tool allows you and your agency to assess the skills and knowledge needed to create and manage information and data effectively to meet business and accountability requirements.

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