Records held by the Office of Air Force History, Canberra – Fact sheet 97

The Office of Air Force History is within the Air Power Development Centre of the Department of Defence, Canberra.

Holdings of the Office

The Office of Air Force History holds digitised copies of a range of RAAF records. Many of these have been copied prior to the transfer of the originals to the National Archives in Canberra or to the Defence Archives area. The office also holds some records that are not available elsewhere.

Examples of the types of material held by the office are listed in the table below.

Facilities for public researchers

While the office is unable to undertake research to answer inquiries from the public, it has facilities to allow research by public researchers. Please contact the Office to make an appointment before you visit.

Charges apply for reproductions.

Contact details

Direct all inquiries about the office or the material it holds to:

Office of Air Force History
Department of Defence
Fairbairn Building 3, Ground Floor
PO Box 7932
Canberra BC ACT 2610

Tel: (02) 6128 7033
Fax: (02) 6128 7053

Examples of material available at the Office of Air Force History

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