Progress on copying and digitisation orders – Canberra

Over the last few years, the National Archives has experienced a steady demand for copies of records. However from January to the end of October 2015, we received more than 27,496 orders for print and digital copies of records held in the Archives' Canberra office – an increase of approximately 6,186 (22%) compared with similar periods in previous years. The Centenary of Anzac, particularly around Anzac Day last year, contributed significantly to the increased demand.

Current copying queues and processing dates

If you have already submitted your order for a record held in Canberra, it has been placed in one of two queues:

  1. Open queue for 29 November 2018 have been or are being processed.
  2. 'Not-yet-examined' queue – for requiring clearance for public access before copying (NYE). All orders received before 21 November 2018 have been or are being processed.

Our fact sheets on the Archives' digitisation service and how we examine records for public access provide more information about clearing records for public access.

Please check your order against these dates. If your order was submitted before the current processing date, you should hear from us soon.

Our progress

We are making substantial progress clearing outstanding orders. Orders can be for one or more records, with each record consisting of a few or many pages. To date, we have completed 10,935 orders which equates to 11,922 records and 370,394 new pages available online.

orders completed
records processed
new pages available online

We will update these figures at the end of each month. Please check this page regularly to follow our progress.

Processing dates

Open Queue

29 November 2018

Not Yet Examined Queue

21 November 2018

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