Advisory Council

portrait of Advisory Council 2018
Advisory Council 2018

The National Archives of Australia Advisory Council is established under the Archives Act 1983 (subsection 10–1). Its role is to advise the Minister and the Director-General on matters relevant to the Archives' functions.

The Minister or the Director-General may refer such matters to the Council for advice, or the Council may offer advice of its own accord.

The Council has up to 13 members, including a Senator chosen by the Senate, a member of the House of Representatives chosen by the House, and 11 other members appointed by the Minister.


Current members of the National Archives of Australia Advisory Council are:

Former Advisory Council Members

  • Senator Claire Moore
  • Mr David Irvine AO
  • Mr Christopher Puplick AM
  • The Hon Jane Prentice MP
  • Mr A J (Jack) Campbell OBE, 1984–88 
  • Mr Ralph Jacobi AM, 1988–91 
  • Professor J L (Jack) Goldring, 1991–94 
  • Ms Beverley Schurr (Acting), 1994–95 
  • Mr Rodney Cavalier, 1994–98 
  • The Hon J J (Jim) Carlton AO, 1998-2003 
  • Mr Paul Santamaria SC, 2003–10 
  • Ms Helen Williams AO (Acting), 2010–11 
  • The Hon Dr John Bannon AO, FASSA 2011–14

Titles and post nominals are those held during Advisory Council membership.

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